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  APFlow™  (7 Items)

5601 - Fixed issue where exported invoices in Invoice Manager were still displaying with past due color coding.    (2021.1.1.1)
5680 - Fixed issue with custom backfill AP Check To Invoice generating a timeout error in the logs and not consistently adding check data to matching invoices.   (2021.1.1.1)
5734 - Fixed issue where users with regional date formats of DD/MM/YYYY were unable to search by date values within Invoice Search.   (2021.1.1.1)
5788 - Fixed issue on Invoice Search where user will get an error if they click on the last item within Search Results and then shift click a previous item in the list.    (2021.1.1.1)
5923 - Fixed issue where routed invoices with secondary vendor value set would erroneously get reset to Pending when approved in Approve Invoices dialog with the reason "Secondary Vendor Name Changed" when no changes to secondary vendor were made.    (2021.1.1.1)
6076 - Fixed issue where EAR User column was visible within User Properties dialog when EAR module is not licensed.    (2021.1.1.2)
6138 - Fixed issue where users would get an error when clicking on an invoice node in Work In Process that another user deleted from Invoice Manager.   (2021.1.1.2)

  Abbyy OCR  (1 Item)

6140 - Fixed issue with OCR invoices defaulting a time in the invoice date and due date fields.    (2021.1.1.2)

  Application Server  (2 Items)

6751 - Fixed "index outside the bounds of the array" error found in AppServerErrorLog table.    (2021.1.1.2)
6762 - Fixed "error syncing stats" error found in AppServerErrorLog table.    (2021.1.1.2)

  Cloud Service  (1 Item)

5295 - Fixed issue with cloud sync processing when app server is down for an extended period.  (2021.1.1.1)

  ComputerEase  (1 Item)

6264 - Fixed issue with units on PO lines recalculating when adding the line to the invoice and resulting in slight rounding inaccuracies.      (2021.1.1.2)

  Credit Card Importer  (1 Item)

5699 - Fixed issue where line values will not always display when selecting a transaction line, if the previously selected transaction line was of a different line type.    (2021.1.1.1)

  DocRoute™  (2 Items)

5951 - Fixed issue where on form the shown focus was not being set to the Notes section. This could lead to users inadvertently sending a route while attempting to type a note.     (2021.1.1.1)
5821 - Fixed issue where users were able to add external email users via add recipients dialog within DocRoute when cloud services was not licensed.    (2021.1.1.2)

  Importers  (3 Items)

5905 - Fixed issue where email and folder watch import logging was not being included in the Import Monitor tool.   (2021.1.1.2)
4212 - Added functionality to the email importers to limit attachment types to specific file types.   (2021.1.1.2)
6273 - Fixed issue where users would get an error if they attempted to manually import a file on an email importer configuration.    (2021.1.1.2)

  IntAcct  (1 Item)

5892 - Fixed issue with syncing Item and Terms lists.   (2021.1.1.1)

  Paperless OCR™  (2 Items)

5148 - Added Invoice duplicate check at the time of opening Invoice Entry screen for imported invoices through OCR, Procore and ABBYY.    (2021.1.1.1)
5292 - Added ability to sync paperless lists into OCR databases in addition to being able to map multiple paperless sources into a single OCR database.  (2021.1.1.1)

  Penta  (4 Items)

3629 - Fixed issue with Equipment Category not being filtered to only list Expense Categories setup on the Asset Class assigned to the Fixed Asset.   (2021.1.1.1)
5339 - Fixed issues with entering invalid values in the PENTA APFlow Invoice Entry screens.   (2021.1.1.1)
5612 - Fixed issue with App Service crashing due to sharing a PENTA connection across threads.  (2021.1.1.1)
5599 - Fixed issue with invalid warnings about Retainage amount on header not matching lines due to rounding errors.  Also fixed issue where retainage on line would not update when retainage amount was overridden in the header.  (2021.1.1.1)

  Procore  (2 Items)

5763 - Fixed issue with timeouts when loading Procore Invoices.   (2021.1.1.1)
5557 - Fixed issue with object reference error when attempting to Auto-Route Procore Invoices.   (2021.1.1.1)

  Reports  (6 Items)

5750 - Added JD Edwards Enterprise One fields to AP Export Detail Report.  (2021.1.1.1)
5815 - Fixed page break issues when displaying Reviewer details on the AP Unapproved Invoice Aging by Reviewer report.   (2021.1.1.1)
5839 - Fixed the Invoice Totals and Reviewer Invoices on Hold sections so they are re-enabled at the bottom of the report.   (2021.1.1.1)
5941 - Fixed parameter issues with the AP Unattached Receiving Tickets Report.   (2021.1.1.1)
5996 - Fixed casing issue in queries for Invoice Reviewer Statistics Report.   (2021.1.1.1)
6010 - Fixed issues related to field sizing for date fields in the header for the AP Export Detail Report, which runs at the time of exporting invoice batches from APFlow.   (2021.1.1.1)

  Sage 100 Contractor  (1 Item)

6085 - Fixed issue where correct processor list was not displaying when configuring an invoice routing rule and performing a lookup on the header processor field.    (2021.1.1.2)

  Sage 300 CRE  (3 Items)

5534 - Added functionality to allow for invoicing $0 SM Lines as long as a received quantity remains.  (2021.1.1.1)
5683 - Added Scope of Work field to the Purchase Order item look up list and Purchase Order quicklist.    (2021.1.1.2)
6186 - Fixed issue where users would get an object reference error when doing a lookup within the Search dialog on EFT Sequence index type.   (2021.1.1.2)

  Viewpoint Advanced Plugin  (2 Items)

6095 - Fixed concurrency violation issues while trying to set screen defaults.   (2021.1.1.2)
6620 - Fixed issue where PR Direct Deposit Advice forms did not display on report when multiple EFT sequences were used for the same employee in the same pay period.   (2021.1.1.2)

  Viewpoint Vista  (6 Items)

5566 - Fixed issues with Viewpoint Posted Invoices on Hold for Invoice Manager and Approve Invoices. When large quantities of invoices were on Reviewer Hold and Exported, invoices were being excluded from the list. Also fixed the list in Invoice Manager which would display invoices on hold in Viewpoint, but not in APFlow.   (2021.1.1.1)
5819 - Added an advance bridge setting to override Viewpoint locked phase setting to always operate within pVault as if phases are locked on every job.    (2021.1.1.1)
5771 - Fixed "file not found" issues with copy associated attachments for T&M Billing in Vista.   (2021.1.1.2)
5875 - Fixed issue where changing ECM value on ePortal would cause the invoice to be dirty and prompt for save when opening and closing it within the desktop without making other changes.   (2021.1.1.2)
6078 - Fixed issue where users would get an object reference error when adding vendors on the fly if the entered sort name was used on a different vendor.    (2021.1.1.2)
6368 - Fixed issue with AP Accrual records not refreshing with the correct gl account associated with the override phase and cost type settings.   (2021.1.1.2)

  eCapture™ Mobile  (1 Item)

2391 - Added the ability to crop attached images in the eCapture Mobile application.   (2021.1.1.2)

  pVault®  (13 Items)

5696 - Fixed multiple issues with various PDFs not displaying correctly within the program.    (2021.1.1.1)
5711 - Added Department info box for web users to facilitate group sorting and filtering on web users list dialog.    (2021.1.1.1)
5857 - Fixed issue where group assignment list display text will get cut off if more than a few groups are selected on new web user and new user wizard dialogs.   (2021.1.1.1)
5908 - Fixed issue where users could create a circular reference with document categories by configuring a sub category to be both the child and parent of another category. This configuration would cause the Search dialog to not display when choosing Search from the toolbar.    (2021.1.1.1)
5766 - Added filter search bar to user and web user listing dialogs to make finding users easier.   (2021.1.1.1)
5569 - Fixed issue where all/active/inactive vault filter was not correctly filtering vault list on Copy Vault dialog.    (2021.1.1.2)
5548 - Fixed issue where if a widget fails to load on startup, users are not able to enter the program.    (2021.1.1.2)
5446 - Fixed issue with Reassign User duplicate key error when attempting to reassign a doc route to a user who is already assigned to the route.    (2021.1.1.2)
6268 - Fixed issue where users were not able to create child private link nodes when configuring external links on the main ribbon toolbar.   (2021.1.1.2)
6212 - Fixed issue where last item added to user queue or AP Flow unprocessed queue did not become selected if user previously sorted the grid.   (2021.1.1.2)
6218 - Added optimized memory usage across various parts of the program and services.    (2021.1.1.2)
6122 - Fixed issue where users would get an error when choosing a save folder within Save to File dialog if the folder name was longer than 248 characters.     (2021.1.1.2)
6129 - Fixed issue with Fujitsu scanner barcode configuration.   (2021.1.1.2)